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Love Captions For Couples

by admin
    • True love stories never have endings.
    • Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
    • The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.
    • You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
    • Your smile makes me smile.
    • I still fall for you every day (and twice on Sunday)!
    • Cute Instagram couple? Here we are!
    • You’re all my heart ever talks about.
    • P.S. I love you.
    • You’re my favorite flavor.
    • You are my happy!
    • Do you realize how amazing you are to me?
    • Our home is different than any house because you’re in it.
    • Like rain, I will always fall for you.
    • Together is a wonderful place to be.
    • In your arms is where I belong.
    • Two turtle doves.
    • Love is a song that never ends.
    • Your voice is my favorite sound.
    • I’m always in the mood for you.
    • Looking forward to tomorrow is what true love is all about.
    • Where there is love, there is life.
    • We are shaped and fashioned by those we love.
    • Love isn’t about needing one another, it’s about wanting to be with them forever
    • I still fall in love with you every single day.
    • It’s you and me against the world.
    • You make the good things in life even better.
    • One look at you and I know that I’m home.
    • I like myself a little bit more whenever I’m with you.

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